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  In June, the flowers in full bloom season; In June, and the wind blowing the Buddha, the sun is shining; In June, is also our festival; On this day, our school held a large festival performances.

  With the wonderful music, the curtain slowly rising, festival show began. You see! On both sides of the stage, slowly out of the pairs of girl wear kimonos, all is their dance, like a little flower in the wind, graceful; When the music becomes the high intense, they swing the waist, opened the ideologues floret umbrella, like a little mushroom in the rain, the dizzying. Oh! They are a little (a) class of performance. Is really wonderful! When the lights suddenly became dark, speed up the pace of music, a beam of red light in the middle of the table, a the grass skirt, with countless tails girl, with music and dancing. Oh! She in African dance!

  The festival performances, from grade school, every class of performance are selected, many class can only choose a, and our class is very lucky, selected the two programs. "Saxophone ensemble" and the "Latin". My favorite is my piano recital, selected by the school but did not, though in the best, only got a silver medal. Since the two selected, the teacher every day with our rehearsals, one of the most hard is jump Latin dance, before we haven't learned a few people, is only temporary, please classmates to tutoring. Although in practice some classmates repeatedly, and made great changes, through the joint efforts of everyone, insisted on down.

  The next program to play in our class, I saw countless flashing light from the flash, like with a rabbit in my heart, "beat" straight jump, however, still keep a smile on his face, I said to myself: there are many teachers and parents looking at me, I can't make a fool of yourself! Hence, music sounded, I try to set up her skirt, try to do the best gestures, leave the most beautiful dance to the audience the audience. A round of applause ended our performance, we are easy to step down after the audience with a bow, suddenly found that my mouth smile went numb...

  I like the festival very much, because she can give each of us the opportunity to show their most beautiful style and individual talent, at the same time, can also learn about to so many classmates, have their skills, perhaps, this is what people often say: we are the future of our motherland...

  Thursday morning at school, I got four agents young movie tickets for all vouchers, I see, ah! 3 d movies? I can't seen 3 d movies. What's the difference between "what stereoscopic film and common film? Do I have to go and see." I said to himself.

  Came to the classroom, I and my good friend Luo Kaiyun agreed during the National Day get to the cinema to see 3 d movie.

  Easy to look forward to in the National Day, half past nine, I carried on film label and money, like a bottle of an arrow into the cinema. Arrived at the cinema, Luo Kaiyun have been waiting at the door, we hurry to buy a stereo glasses, as people into theaters, find a seat to sit. Three-dimensional film began. I'll take off glasses and a look at the screen, with ordinary film is no different, only the edge of the red, yellow, hazy outline. To wear glasses, yi! Those who like jumped out of the screen, walked over to me. Thought: this is stereoscopic film. Next, the butterfly flew in front of my eyes, seemed to stretch out my hand can get; Figure dangling in front of me; Killing passing speed seems to me; The sword stab to me; Monster as if to swallow me up, frighten I left hide right shine, heart pounding, stimulation and clinking. All of a sudden, I saw m hill iron claw straight towards my stamp, quickly close to me, "ah, arrest me?" I was scared, and instinctively recoiled hide in the body under the chair, heart like to jump out of the throat. Gee, I don't see any action, I take off glasses a look, turned out to be a movie, I really put it. An hour and a half, I have spent in stimulation, scary.

  Things in the past, but I will never forget.

  Today, I and my brother family to go to the movies, "the young drift fantasy adventure".

  We with a happy mood to the cinema. The hero in the movie is a child named pie, one day, the family to move, just to the ship, was under the storm, the relentless storm blew the ship have to pitch, yaw have capsized may at any time, adhere to the ship's lifeboat sent quickly jumped, while others are prepared to jump, all of a sudden, the ropes of the boat was broken, the men jumped out of the sea, unfortunately the ship had more sank in the sea, only one survived. Send lonely sitting on a lifeboat wailing over their heads. Suddenly, a dog named Charlie parker, Bengal tiger ran out from the inside of the canopy on the lifeboat, frighten sent up in the bow, saw Charlie parker and didn't mean to hurt him, because the sea wind, cold, and gradually on the together for warmth. Before long, they became good friends. I do not know how long did it take, lifeboat finally drifted to a small island, they happily running around on the beach, but the next day sent best friend - Charlie parker ran into the forest and then never came back. Over the past six months, didn't find a lot of place. Day, derived collapsed, fortunately, to archaeology discovered the set on the island, ready to bring his file a city, outlying islands before sent to cry very sad, not because the saved excitedly cry, but is worried about his best friend Charlie parker, if anything happened.

  I see the film, not only deeply immersed in the plot of the film, sometimes nervous, sometimes moved in tears, and I also grow some extracurricular knowledge.

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    Thursday morning at school, I got four agents young movie tickets for all vouchers, I see, ah! 3 d movies? I can't seen 3 d movies. What's the difference between "what stereoscopic film and common film? Do I have to go and see." I said to himself.

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