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  在日复一日的学习、工作或生活中,大家都经常看到作文的身影吧,作文一定要做到主题集中,围绕同一主题作深入阐述,切忌东拉西扯,主题涣散甚至无主题。相信很多朋友都对写作文感到非常苦恼吧,下面是小编为大家整理的Changes in My Hometown英语作文带翻译(精选13篇),欢迎阅读与收藏。

  家乡的变化 Changes in My Hometown

  My hometown Gaochun is an old and beautiful city. It used to be quiet place. There were green hills, fresh air and many old houses. However, the area has changed a lot over the years. Now there are many new squares, new roads and a lot of tall buildings.


  In the past, people could only go to there by bicycle or on foot. Many buses pass there now, people can take the taxi, car, bus, underground or light rail to Gaochun, and it is faster and easier to get there. The environment has also changed, too. The water is clearer, the tree is greener, and the air is fresher. We are happy to live in the beautiful city.


  What big changes in our hometown!

  My hometown is no food, let alone we eat cake, milk, fruit, now there are a lot of snacks... . The streets are less, the area now is expanded to many times. The original building is very short, only one layer, now look are some tall buildings. Because all the people think a high tower, and now people think drum tower is just a general buildings. Originally a lot of barren hills, all some houses have been built. Now, our classroom there is a big, big change. Now the classroom on the shop floor tile, the board has magnetic force, has a TV. Spread the fake grass on the playground... . Buildings are more and more. No cell phones, as long as you a walk for a while now, can see selling mobile phone, and the function is much more special, some mobile phones, can connect to the Internet, as a computer, some mobile phone was written by hand. What do you want to buy mobile phones have.

  More and more developed science and technology, the life will be more advanced!




  With the development of China, our hometown has changed a lot. People’s life becomes much better.

  In the past, most of the people lived in old and dark houses. And the rivers were very dirty. People had to work on foot or by car. The roads were very narrow, too. And the living conditions were very bad.

  But now, people have already lived in high and bright buildings. The rivers and streams are clear. People usually work by bus or by car. On the other hand, the living conditions and the environment are not only comfortable but also very clean.

  I believe our life will be more and more beautiful. China will become a developed country.





  In the past, my hometown was very small. People there lived a poor life. They lived in old houses. Rubbish was seen here and there. Few visitors came here.

  Now great changes have taken place in my hometown. The living conditions have been greatly improved. Their houses are big and bright. Many people have their own cars. The mountains are green, the rivers are clean, and the sky is blue. Thousands of visitors come here from all over the world.

  I hope my hometown will be more beautiful in the future.




  I used to live in a small town with trees all around. there was no tall building and the only street was narrow. just outside the town, there was a river. you can see different kinds of fish swimming in the clear water. people here lived a simple life.

  great changes have taken place here. you can see tall buildings, big department stores and factories everywhere. different kinds of cars and buses are running in the big streets. but with the development of the industry, we have fewer trees. air and water pollution is becoming more and more serious.

  we must do something to stop pollution and make our town even more beautiful.




  Today, we look back at our hometown and you will be surprised to find out. Our hometown is different from the past, so you will want to see it.

  Please review the environment in my hometown before.

  Our hometown is like this. There are some lakes in our hometown. You dont know for sure that the lake is beautiful. I will congratulate you on the word "yes." Our hometown is not only beautiful, but also has no litter. In the dustbin, many people hear the word garbage can disgusting, because the dustbin has a lot of rubbish, not only that. And there was a sense of nausea. Then Ill tell you. Our dustbin is a daily work of the villagers, and there is no garbage, and there is no feeling of vomiting.

  Here, see how our hometown is now.

  Now, we have a building, but it is ruining the beautiful lakes, people would rather put the rubbish into the beautiful lakes and smelled a very nauseated, also dont want to clean the lake.






  My hometown used to be a backward place, because it was deep in the mountains, where there were no nice buildings and the roads were so narrow and dirty. People lived a poor life.

  While in recent years, with the development of society, my hometown has been greatly changed. Now the roads are getting much wider. There are many different cars and buses running on the roads. Trees and flowers are planted on the two sides of the roads. They can provide us with oxygen and fight against the pollutants. So the sky becomes cleaner and brighter.

  Whats more, you can see many modern and beautiful buildings everywhere, and the living conditions are improving. People are enjoying a comfortable life now.




  In recent years, my hometown has changed greatly, because of new road and railway has been built。 Previously, my hometown was closed to the outside world。 Several years ago, the government paid much money on changing the basic equipment of my hometown。 Building new roads is the biggest project。 It took about half a year to build the new road。 After finish, people have more methods to make money。 And we have more communication with other places, which is a good way to develop ourselves。 About two years latter, the railway was built。 After that, there have been more and more changes happened in my hometown。 Now, my hometown has developed into a big and rich town。 People live a happy life。


  The twinkling of an eye, the elementary school six years has quietly but go to, my side there are many, many items are in change as time goes by, but the most obvious changes in my hometown - build.

  Remember in elementary school, a grade one the way home or small TuDao, whenever it rains, the road will be muddy, a walk would step a foot mud, so at home when it rains, go out to buy things or have things out, to Wellington boots, or you go out, come back after your feet must be turning into mud strange feet.

  But now, the strips into a muddy path paved roads, when it rains out walking shoes does not become dirty, instead of walking, watching the roadside trees, also another appeal.

  Hometown house also is better than before, either before they are miserable, every rain cloudy, the house will leak rain, but now the house is no longer leak, tattered house turned into a two-storey houses before, people lived a happy life.

  Six years in elementary school are gone, and things have changed dramatically. I think we will have a better life in the future.






  My hometown used to be a backward place, because it was deep in the mountains, where there were no nice buildings and the roads were so narrow and dirty。 People lived a poor life。


  While in recent years, with the development of society, my hometown has been greatly changed。 Now the roads are getting much wider。 There are many different cars and buses running on the roads。 Trees and flowers are planted on the two sides of the roads。 They can provide us with oxygen and fight against the pollutants。 So the sky becomes cleaner and brighter。 Whats more, you can see many modern and beautiful buildings everywhere, and the living conditions are improving。 People are enjoying a comfortable life now。


  The Changes In My Hometown

  In the past, my hometown was very small, and people lived a poor life. The houses were old and small. Pollution was very serious, and there was rubbish everywhere. The traffic was not convenient, so few visitors came here.

  Now great changes have taken place in my hometown. The environment has become more beautiful. The mountains have turned greener, the rivers are clearer and the sky are bluer. There are trees, flowers and grass everywhere. People live a better life. Their houses are large and bright. Many people have their own cars. Every year , thousands of people from all over the world come to our city.

  I’m sure it will get richer and more beautiful in the future. I love my hometown.






  The Changes of My Hometown

  My hometown is located at the outside of the city.

  I was born and grew up there. It was a little village with natural scenery of green mountains, a beautiful river and lovely village houses. In the summer, I liked to go to picnic under the mountain and swim in the river.

  But now my hometown has changes. The mountains were blown down to build the factories, and the river was polluted by the waste water from those factories. There are no more green mountains but the smoking factories. The water of the river turns black and stinks, and I can never swim in it again. The village houses are gone too, and the ugly storied houses with walls are instead.

  I don’t like the changes of my hometown, it is a polluted hometown.







  With the rapid development of the society, many things around our life are changed. Personally speaking, my hometown has changed a lot.


  When I was a child, there was only one black and white TV set in our village. And I don’t know what’s computer. I often went to school on foot. What’s more, in summer, we had to use hand-made fans to make our temperature down. If I wanted to connect with the distant friends or relatives, the most convenient way is writing letters, which may lost on the way or take a lot of time to reach the destination.


  However, nowadays, there are four color televisons in my home and most people have their own computers. And now cars are seen everywhere. In addition, most houses have airconditioning, which can cool the whole house quickly. With the development of cell phone, people can reach each other in a second. They can talk or see each other through cell phone.


  As time passes, my hometown has change a lot thanks to the social development. I believe there will be much more changes in the future.


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